Galanthus ikariae subsp. snogerupii

Galanthus ikariae subsp. snogerupii


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Galanthus ikariae subsp. snogerupii

Outstanding among other snowdrops we have here by its bright green shiny foliage, definitely one to add to your collection if you can offer it the right growing conditions.

It is reputed to not be fully hardy in the UK, and here in Aberdeenshire we would not consider growing it outside. Our plants reside in the alpine greenhouse, where they are protected from Winter weather, but not heated – the doors are always open.

It flowers quite early in January, sometimes appearing in December.

What will you receive?

Depending on the time of year, you will receive either a:dormant bulbs, b:newly sprouting bulbs, c:snowdrops in flower, d:snowdrops “in the green”

The snowdrop is currently growing in its own pot and may or may not have bulb-lets attached, we do not separate these off – they will be included with the main bulb.

All bulbs will have the compost washed off prior to posting – this minimises damage in posting and reduces weight so we can keep postage costs low.

Flowering bulbs and bulbs “in the green” will be wrapped in damp tissue/kitchen roll and plastic film, then boxed – dormant bulbs are packed in damp paper towel.

Please pot up or plant out as soon as you receive it.

Planting Tips

Grow in raised beds in a cold greenhouse or alpine house using a free draining mix of multipurpose compost, John Innes compost and horticultural grit.

Don’t heat the greenhouse, just protect the plants from winter wet.