Red Mason Bee Cocoons

Red Mason Bee Cocoons


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Red Mason BeeĀ  (Osmia bicornis)

Commonly found in a range of environments, especially gardens and parks, they do very well here in our garden in Aberdeenshire.

They are quiet, calm, docile and will occasionally keep you company while weeding – I really think they like human company – or at least find us interesting.

They pollinate a whole range of plants including fruit bushes, trees and strawberries.

They nest in existing holes or cavities, even under concrete paving slabs, especially those in sunny south-facing locations.

You can if you wish put up specialist bee housing, or hang up a bundle of hollow bamboo canes.

What will you receive?

50 cleaned sorted cocoons.

Instruction sheet for release, housing and harvesting your own cocoons at the end of the summer.